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Trouble Shooting FAQ

We realise that the questions we ask seem pointless, but they all help us help you.

Why do I need the email address associated with the pledge you are trying to make?

Many times clients send emails to us that aren't from email addresses associated with their pledge process or their Investorview account, and we need to know the one associated with their account. So we have to check that we are searching for the right address (whether the pledge process has gone through or not)

Why do I need the Project Name?
We have thousands of projects & many of them have similar names. Often people give us a name that is similar, but not exactly what the project name is. Which means we could be looking at the wrong project account.

Why do we need to know your Username?
If we know your Username, we can go straight to your account & start solving your problem.

Why do I need to know the payment gateway?
We run 3 systems of receiving payments at the moment (called Payment Gateways). If one of them isn't operating correctly, I need to know which one to tell our Developers to fix.

Why are screenshots helpful?

You may not see anything that can be of use in front of you, but there are distinguishing features of the page that we know & can most times direct us to a problem.

We hope that our questions make more sense now!

Investorview Advantage

  1. Comprehensive and transparent funding solution
  2. Proprietary developed pitch, business and operations tools
  3. Detailed equity module with advanced data capture for due diligence
  4. Equity Placement + Equity Crowdfunding Functionality
  1. Detailed RFP and Resource Module for enhanced profiling
  2. Experienced staff and support services for easy team assistance
  3. Online + Offline support for your capital raising
  4. Competitive tailored fee structures for your business
  1. Strategic consulting services
  2. Hands on management experience with start ups
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